St Andrew's C of E (VA) Primary




Worship Acolytes

Father Ian and the children recently reviewed the role of Worship Leaders within our school in the summer term 2017. As a result the term was changed to Worship Acolytes as Father Ian felt that this reflected the leadership role in  school worship.

Children from Year 3 and Year 4 wrote a letter of application to Father Ian who reviewed these and appointed a smaller group.

These children will be working to plan the worship with Father Ian and develop a short action plan for the year.

We have met with Father Ian and this is our plan following on from our discussion:

  1. Update our Peace Garden and hold some  reflection sessions there.
  2. Plan to have a Eucharist Service with Father Ian and  invite families in once a term in school.
  3. Find out about organising a Worship Club.
  4. Organise some charitable events.
  5. Plan our worship for the term.
  6. Visit and observe worship in local school.