St Andrew's C of E (VA) Primary



Below are links to some websites where you can play online games. If you have any suggestions please let us know. 

NOTE: While we have taken time to find suitable and safe websites for our children to use, St Andrew's is not responsible for the content found on these websites. 

Click for CBBC Games

CBBC Website

There are a number of games on the CBBC website that are related to the shows shown on this channel. Lots of these games can help with learning too, for example, there is a Doctor Who game that helps with History. 


Click for Cbeebies Games

CBeebies Website

For younger children there is the CBeebies website, with games based upon the shows on this channel. There are lots of other activities on here to help with early development.


Click for Science Games

Science Museum Games

Have a good at providing the world with food in the year 2050. Or investigate materials and forces in the addictive launch ball game. You can learn some interesting things, all while having fun!