St Andrew's C of E (VA) Primary


Nursery Prospectus

At St Andrew’s Nursery, we value all children as unique individuals. We aim to create an environment …

  • Where all children feel happy, safe and secure, so that they can play, explore, experiment, make decisions and take risks, whilst building on previous achievements and experiences.
  • Where children can develop an awareness of themselves, to learn to show love and respect for others, whilst beginning to understand their place within the wider community.
  • Where children are encouraged to be kind towards others and to begin to take responsibility in caring for their belongings and surroundings.
  • Where children can develop a love of learning. By providing learning areas that are attractive, stimulating and well planned, all children can be taught and challenged appropriately to develop their abilities to their full potential.
  • Where everyone feels welcome and valued and that by working in partnership with parents and carers we can contribute to the successful development of the whole child.
  • Where children are provided with a curriculum rich in opportunities to develop their self-confidence and independence and to lay the foundations for the knowledge and skills necessary for life-long learning.

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