St Andrew's C of E (VA) Primary




The Easter Curios Roadshow comes to Year One

Inspired by our Radcliffe artefacts roadshow last term, Year one today explored some artefacts relating to the celebration of Easter with the help of Fr Ian and his Eucharistic chalice. 

As part of our RE lessons, Year One have been unpacking the Easter story in various gospels and learning about the symbolic significance of icons and images such as the Cross of Maria Gomez, the white linen cloth and the palm leaves. Today, the artefacts for curation were hot crossed buns, the chalice, our class crucifix and an Easter garden.  Children explored each station, recording their observations and enquiry questions and answering questions posed by earlier groups. After the roadshow they answered their own enquiry question about a chosen artefact: what does this tell me about the celebration of Easter by Christians?  What is significant about this artefact for Christians at Easter?