St Andrew's C of E (VA) Primary


Science Week

During Science Week, we talked about the importance of dental hygiene and what would happen if we didn’t take care of our teeth.  We conducted an experiment using eggs (to represent our teeth) by leaving them in a variety of different solutions – tea, coffee, coca-cola and vinegar. A few days later, we returned to find out what had happened to the eggs.  We discovered that the eggs left in tea, coffee and coca-cola had stained and become darker in colour.  The shell of the egg left in vinegar had broken down and begun to dissolve, much to the excitement of all the children!  We demonstrated cleaning our teeth by gently rubbing the surface and observed the shell being brushed away.  What remained was a rubber outer shell – the children we so excited and motivated to find out if we could bounce it!  We had a go with inevitable results!


We also learned what the fives senses are and had fun exploring these through games and active learning: