St Andrew's C of E (VA) Primary


Music workshop and how we were inspired

Last week the children were very fortunate to have a music workshop with a gentleman who brought along 'instruments' he had made from rubbish. This gentleman used to tour with the group Stomp! After an energetic and loud workshop, the children were excited to see videos of Stomp performing with inanimate objects.

We were so inspired by this that we decided to change our art lesson to explore this energy we all had into visual arts. We went outside to find random natural objects of our own to use as tools for mark making. We each had blue paint watered down to give it a thin consistency then used the objects we had collected to paint the music we were hearing. We played the Stomp video on repeat and matched the marks we created to the sounds we heard.

Afterwards we reflected about the materials we used the effects we were able to create;