St Andrew's C of E (VA) Primary


An exciting visit to the seaside

Rather early on a cloudy Wednesday, Year 1 set off to the seaside to carry on their Geography learning. Despite a chilly forecast, it was quite mild when we arrived and set up camp on a deserted beach.

After tucking into a substantial packed lunch provided by our lovely cook, it was down to business with buckets and spades and endless trips to get water from the sea. Many of us got wet and some of us had to change into dry clothes at the end of the afternoon, but the laughs and squeals as the cold water rushed over our feet were delightful. 

The adults were delighted that so many people took the time to come and say how lovely it was to see the children enjoying a day at the seaside so much and to comment on how well behaved they all were. It was the best of days and one which I am sure many of the children will remember for a long time!

As always, a big thank you goes to our three parents who supported the school so well on the day - I am sure they were exhausted when they got home!