St Andrew's C of E (VA) Primary



Last week's visit to Airbus was a huge hit with Year 5! We had a fantastic day filled with practical activities, fun facts and moving rovers!

After a short introduction we were taken through to find out more about the European Space Agency (ESA) mission to Mars and the search for signs of life. We had the chance to share our knowledge from this term's study and use it to better understand why Mars stands a chance of having life. A presentation about the Mars rovers told us about the development of the rovers over the years and were lucky enough to see a very new prototype; Charlie, who was soon to be sent to the desert for testing.

Once in the viewing gallery we were very fortunate to see several of the rovers and see Charlie (with his solar panels out) moving along. He even bumped over a rock and reversed in front of our eyes!

Back in the classroom we had some free time in the discovery room where we could explore all the different activities set up to help us develop and apply our understanding to a range of scientific concepts.

A couple of us even made our own rover and 'space junk cleaner'. We had noticed the lady reference the space junk and, ever the eco warriors, we created a machine which "goes around space sucking up all the junk which is out there".

Afterwards we had some practical tasks including; making a 'Spacelet' out of beads to represent each planet in our solar system which helps us to remember the order and facts about each one. We also created an orbiting model to help us visualise and remember how we get day and night. The last task we had was a presentation under a projection of the night sky. In total darkness the teacher told us all about Orion and Ursa Major & Ursa Minor (the bears). Plus interesting facts about some of the stars such as the Harry Potter characters named after them such as Bellatrix and Sirius.

All in all the children had a wonderful day. The knowledge they shared was tremendous and the behaviour was excellent. Well done Year 5! :)