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  • Friday 23 July 2021 We made it to the end of term! Dear all Year 3 children and your parents,
  • Thursday 22 July 2021 Sports Day We enjoyed lots of fun during our Sports Day this year. We enjoyed cheering on our house teams, trying not to drop the egg in the Egg and Spoon Race, and the challenge of the Obstacle Race! Thank you to the Year 6 children who helped us to have such a wonderful afternoon. 
  • Friday 16 July 2021 VISIT TO WALTON-ON-THE-NAZE Yesterday we had a wonderful day out to Walton-on-the Naze. After a smooth coach journey, during which we sang every song we know, we arrived at the beautiful coast and spent a few hours having a great time on the beach. We buried several children in the sand and had great fun in the sea.
  • Wednesday 14 July 2021 We made it to Hudnall! Way back, just before the very first lockdown, the then year 4 were just days away from their residential visit to Hudnall Park. 
  • Sunday 11 July 2021 Keeping in Time One of the things I personally missed over the past few month was hearing my children sing and perform music as a class.
  • Sunday 11 July 2021 Clockwork Our new English text - Clockwork by Philip Pullman - is full of excitement and mystery.
  • Thursday 8 July 2021 Year 4 Challenge Warriors Mark 2
  • Friday 25 June 2021 Visit to Knebworth House On Tuesday year 6 visited Knebworth house for a historic workshop and great fun at the fort in the afternoon. 
  • Friday 25 June 2021 Working with sunlight Year 3 have been learning in English about a famous botanist and scientist named Anna Atkins, who was was born in 1799. She was particularly well known for her work  producing images of seaweeds and flowers using chemicals and sunlight to produce cyanotypes. 
  • Saturday 19 June 2021 31 Pairs of Socks and Counting It seemed to be a case of 30 children and counting when Year 5 socks were put out to dry on the radiator.  They did so well at swimming today and might as well have swum back to school through the rain! We thought we would put the heating on to dry them out and had a request from their sodden feet to dry their socks too!  We all need the rain but preferably not on a Friday.  Well done Year 5!
  • Saturday 19 June 2021 Our Philosophical Debate As we reach the end of each R.E. topic, we like to spend time expressing out own view around it.
  • Friday 18 June 2021 Year Four Godly Play - Pentecost Today Year 4 dug a little deeper into the story of Pentecost using drama.
  • Thursday 17 June 2021 Oh we do like to be beside the seaside... Today, we enjoyed a wonderful trip into the past to find out what British seaside holidays used to be like during Victorian times. We experienced a Punch and Judy puppet show, games from the pier, had our fortunes told, tucked into some delicious fish and chips, and even had tea and cake at a seaside cafe! It was a fun-filled day and rich with learning. We hope you enjoy seeing the photographs of our exciting day.
  • Friday 11 June 2021 Our Wheels and Axles project Year 2 worked so hard to create their own toy car as part of our wheels and axles project. The children were given a design brief and had to design, make and evaluate a toy car which could be enjoyed by a child. First the children investigated which axle join would work best for their design. The children then measured their own axles, sawed the dowels and attached axles, wheels and handles independently. Each and every car was a triumph, with an eye-catching design and turning wheels! 
  • Tuesday 8 June 2021 Problem solving in Maths - Challenge Warriors To further flex their reasoning muscles, Year 4 have been exploring 'Challenge Warriors' - a selection of challenges related to a wider, relational understanding of number and focusing on our current topic of multiplication and division by 10 and 100.
  • Friday 28 May 2021 Who deserves the largest share of the profit? In geography, we are learning about trade and how people earn money through trading. 
  • Friday 28 May 2021 Crazy Hair Day Today, we celebrated Crazy Hair Day to raise money for SASA and as you can see, we were very excited when we heard the news that we had won the Coin Wars. We collected a huge amount of coins for SASA and even filled more than one jar! Well done, Year One, you showed a real team effort and all worked hard together to collect the coins. 
  • Friday 28 May 2021 Crazy hair day in Year 3 Year 3 really pulled out all the stops today, coming to school with some of the most creative crazy hairstyles ever seen!
  • Wednesday 26 May 2021 Problem Solving in Science: The Washing Line Puzzle As part of our ongoing Science investigations into evaporation, Year 4 faced a (hypothetical) dilemma:  In order to prepare for swimming next term, we need to erect a washing line (!) in the playgground to dry our towels. What would be the best site for it?   What factors might affect the rate of evaporation?
  • Monday 24 May 2021 Judaism visit from Mrs Kinchin-Smith Today, as part of our Judaism RE topic, we had a very interesting and informative visit from Mrs Kinchin-Smith. We learnt all about what it is like to be Jewish and got to ask Mrs Kinchin-Smith lots of questions. We enjoyed seeing pictures of Mrs Kinchin-Smith's synagogue and seeing her special items, such as the tallit prayer shawl and her prayer book written in Hebrew. Thank you very much Mrs Kinchin-Smith!
  • Sunday 23 May 2021 Angles and Outdoor Learning During outdoor learning week, we have been looking at the types of angles we can find in our environment.
  • Sunday 23 May 2021 Outdoor Learning Week We took our Literacy learning outside this week! We used the outdoor stage to put on our own show, creating our own outfits and sharing our knowledge of the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
  • Friday 21 May 2021 Outdoor Learning Week Outdoor Learning Week gave Nursery the perfect opportunity to explore our wonderful forest area to collect natural materials.  We challenged children to use their finding in a creative and imaginative way - they made crowns, belts, journey sticks, collage pictures etc. Children demonstrated curiosity and wonder in our natural environment.
  • Friday 21 May 2021 WE ARE WEB DESIGNERS! Year 6 has worked very hard over recent weeks to design, create and publish their own website on a topic that has really interested them in school. It was quite a challenge, but we are really pleased with the results. 
  • Friday 21 May 2021 YEAR 6 PARLIAMENT DEBATE In our PSHE lessons we have been learning about the Rule of Law and the way that Law and law enforcement works in our society. 
  • Friday 21 May 2021 Building in the Stone Age In History this term Year 3 have been learning about life for early Britons. As part of that work, we decided it would be interesting to try to build mini versions of the type of dwelling a Stone Age person might have lived in during the summer.
  • Friday 21 May 2021 Outdoor Learning Week As part of Outdoor Learning Week, Year 2 have been enjoying lots of opportunities to get outside. We have taken part in an outdoor spelling scavenger hunt, as well as lots of outdoor measurement lessons in maths. 
  • Thursday 20 May 2021 It is all about the bones Year 3 have been learning all about animals and humans, with a focus this week on the human skeleton. Today we go into teams to try to build an accurate skeleton, to then name and identify the main bones. Once we realised the bones had to join each other, we managed some very accurate skeletons, with most of the bones in the right place.
  • Thursday 20 May 2021 Fairies in the Woodlands As we explored our beautiful woodlands during Outdoor Learning Week, we  discovered some woodland fairies who have written some letters to us, asking for our help.  Yesterday, in the stormy winds, the fairies' tea parties were blown away. Luckily, Year One used the natural materials to create some new tea parties for the fairies and we wrote letters to tell them that the tea parties were ready to enjoy! We also wrote instructions for how to make fairy tea parties so that Ms Fenn could make her own too!
  • Thursday 20 May 2021 Farewell to Mrs Norton Taylor Year 4 have been practising hard with their moves to Jerusalema Dance step and their hard work has clrearly paid off, with each child demonstrating such skill at co-ordinating their movements and joining in so well!
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