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  • Tuesday 16 May 2023 Our Last Sports Day! Year 6 enjoyed their last Sports Day at St Andrew's on Monday. They were responsible for ensuring their team participated in each activity to score as many points as possible. They then took part in the final races which got very competitive! Everyone had a fun and memorable morning.
  • Saturday 13 May 2023 Year 6 Enterprise Year 6 have been working hard to plan their enterprise project in order to raise funds for their residential trip to the Isle of Wight. The students organised themselves into teams and came up with a business plan in order to make the most profit. This week our first group 'Brush and Blend' ran a glitter tattoo and face painting stall. The students spent their lunch times creating their marketing materials and practising their techniques. There was a huge turn out, thank you to those that came and supported. Next week will be a bring and buy stall accompanied by an arts and crafts stall.
  • Thursday 27 April 2023 We're evolving! In Science, we are learning about evolution and adaptations of animals. In English, we have been exploring non-chronological reports and wrote one based on Charles Darwin. We then used to knowledge to write our own non-chronological report based on a fictional animal which has evolved from an existing animal. The students have enjoyed creating their own animal, using technology to support, and writing about it.
  • Friday 21 April 2023 Sewing Skills in Year 6 Year 6 are focusing of sewing this term in Art and DT. To begin our topic, we recapped our prior knowledge on sewing and demonstrated our skills. We focused on creating basic stitches which will support us with our upcoming project.
  • Friday 31 March 2023 Our Excellent Easter Egg Hunt Year 6 enjoyed their final Easter Egg hunt at St Andrews! I hope that you all have a wonderful time celebrating Easter with your loved ones.
  • Sunday 26 March 2023 Heart Dissection In Science, Year 6 are learning about the function of the circulatory system and its components. We carried out a heart dissection to allow us to understand the different parts of the heart and how it supports our circulatory system. We had lots of fun carrying out this investigation!
  • Thursday 9 March 2023 International Women's Day As part of our weekly Read all About it, one of the students chose to present on International Women's Day. It was very detailed and enlightening hearing stories from around the world. We all felt very fortunate that we are in a progressive society that is support women's rights.
  • Friday 3 March 2023 World Book Day in Year 6 Year 6 had great fun dressing up as their favourite non-fiction character! They spent the morning turning a scene of Macbeth (our class story) to a comic strip!
  • Friday 24 February 2023 Making our own blood! In Science, we are now learning about the circulatory system. To support us in understanding the four components of blood, we created our own mixtures. Apple juice was used as the plasma, marshmallows at the white blood cells, strawberries as the red blood cells and sprinkles as the platelets. The students were able to discuss the properties and functions of each component by the end of the lesson!
  • Friday 10 February 2023 Safer Internet Day As part of Safer Internet Day, Year 6 looked at how to stay safe online with a focus on social media. We looked at scenarios that could happen whilst you are online and what actions to take. We then created our own game character and include our top tips for staying safe online.
  • Thursday 2 February 2023 Phase Worshop On Thursday, Phase Workshop visited Year 6 as part of their 'Get Set' programme. This week we focused on the Three Rs: resilience, role models and responsibility. The students looked at how to manage a busy schedule and talking about how to prioritise things to support them in being responsible when they begin secondary school. They also looked at a range of people who have positivity contributed to the world and discussed what attributes they have which make them role models.
  • Thursday 26 January 2023 Data logging in Year 6 Year 6 investigated how the amount of volts in a circuit affects the brightness of the bulb. We used data loggers to measure the brightness of each bulb in lux and discussed our findings.
  • Thursday 19 January 2023 Investigating Circuits To support us with understanding circuits, we used an interactive website to build circuits. We recapped our knowledge of electricity from our learning in Year 4 and began to build upon it. We explored circuits with different components and investigated whether they worked or not. We then looked at how we could resolve the problem if they were not working. We then deepened our knowledge looking at the effect which the components and the amount of them have on the volts of the circuit.
  • Thursday 12 January 2023 Why did Britain want to build the British Empire? Year 6 are learning about the Rise and Fall of the British Empire. To introduce this topic, we focused on why Britain wanted to build their empire. The students were given headings such as trade, power and ambition matched them to historical events. They are very excited to learn about the British Empire!
  • Friday 16 December 2022 Investigating Shadows In Science this week Year 6 were testing how the distance from a light source affects a shadow. The students worked in groups to investigated what happened, recorded their results and wrote a conclusion. We found that the further from a light source the smaller the shadow because the opaque object is blocking less of the light.
  • Wednesday 7 December 2022 Year 6 Home Learning Project Year 6 research the question: Why are the Radcliffes synonymous with Hitchin
  • Monday 21 November 2022 STEM Family Learning Week Year 6 enjoyed their STEM Family Learning Week with a focus on light. We started the week with learning about refraction with two hands on experiments to explain how objects appear differently in water. The students were able to make predictions and articulate their findings. We then looked at how shadows are formed and presented a Stop Motion Animation using shadows. The students enjoyed incorporating their Computing skills to display their Scientific understanding. We finally finished the week investigating why a colour wheel appears white when moving quickly. The students were introduced to Isaac Newton's colour theory and will continue to look at this in their Science lessons. Thank you to the parents who were able to make it, we loved having you!
  • Sunday 13 November 2022 Mountains High Year 6 have been introduced to their new topic focusing on mountains. We have started our Geography topic by looking at the different types of mountains and how they are formed. The children collaboratively create a type of mountain and presented how it the mountain forms using their models.
  • Thursday 3 November 2022 How can we prove light travels in straight lines? This week Year 6 has been investigating how light travels. The students were given a range of resources and independently explored how light travels. They found that light travels in straight lines and were able to explain this using scientific vocabulary. We are very exciting to learn about light this half term!
  • Friday 21 October 2022 WW2 Home Learning
  • Monday 17 October 2022 Micro-Organisms in Year 6 This week we focused on micro-organisms and looked at yeast especially. Many of us didn't know that yeast is a living thing, did you We investigated: 'How does the amount of sugar affect the production of carbon dioxide from yeast'
  • Friday 7 October 2022 Classifying Plants with Year 6 In Science, we have been focusing on the classification of living things. This week we focused on plants. We first went on a leaf hunt around the school and collected a variety of leaves. We then returned to the class and attempted to classify the leaves using a classification key. We observed each leaf carefully, focusing on the veins, the size and the texture. We had lots of fun doing this!
  • Wednesday 28 September 2022 Collaborative poems in Year 6 In English this week we have been empathising with the main character, William, in our novel, Goodnight Mister Tom. We watched videos of people reflecting upon their time as evacuees and observed pictures of evacuees. We then wrote down our feelings and thoughts and one put together, created a shared poem.
  • Wednesday 14 September 2022 A Reflection on Queen Elizabeth's Life This week Year 6 have been focusing on Queen Elizabeth's life and the contributions she made during her reign. We discussed what she meant to us and collectively created a word bank of adjectives to describe her. Using this word bank, we then wrote poems to reflect upon Queen Elizabeth and her achievements.
  • Friday 20 May 2022 Choice Quest Stories
  • Thursday 19 May 2022 CHRISTIAN AID WEEK To mark Christian Aid week and raise money for this worthy cause, the worship acolytes set up some wonderful reflective outdoor activities on the theme of strong women. Here are some Year 6 children creating pendants with motifs that represent strong women in history.
  • Friday 13 May 2022 FESTIVE LIGHTS STEM CHALLENGE After several weeks of working hard our our Festive light STEM Challenge it was finally time to present to the 'Dragon's Den'. The brief was to create a prototype of a product with working bulbs, a buzzer, and a motor with a moving part, themed for a festive celebration.
  • Wednesday 23 March 2022 STEEL PANS WORKSHOP
  • Wednesday 23 March 2022 STEM WEEK IN YEAR 6 This week the theme of National British Science and Engineering Week was 'Growth'. In Year 6 we had an excellent STEM day. One of the activities was to enter the Create-a-plant Hertfordshire wide paper engineering challenge. We had one hour to create a plant from 4 sheets of paper using only paper folding and strengthening techniques - no glue, tape or stapling allowed. It was quite a challenge! The photo above is Phoebe's water lily. We have entered this as our school winner, into the Hertfordshire competition. Well done Phoebe! Here are a few photos of Year 6persevering withthe challenge:
  • Thursday 10 March 2022 Our Electrical Dragon's Den Challenge This week a 'Dragon' arrived in year 6(AKA Mr Parker) to introduce a STEM Dragon's Den Challenge: Todesign and build and working a festive lights decoration, cost it and present their design to the Dragons at the end of this term. There are some clear criteria for their designs and each team of three thenbegan to give the challenge some thought. It was decided that they needed to explore various aspects of electrical circuits to help prepare them for the challenge and as a result there was a great afternoon of investigation.
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