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  • Thursday 18 May 2023 A Mindful Afternoon As part of our healthy school's week, year 5 investigated the importance of maintaining mental health. Mindful mediation is a good way of help do this and we had a go at a five minute mediation as a class.
  • Tuesday 16 May 2023 More outdoor angles As part of outdoor learning week, year 5 carried out further investigations into angles. We stood in various spots around the playground, rotated through certain angles (such as 315 degrees anti-clockwise) and noted our new direction.
  • Friday 5 May 2023 The New School Magazine This week we are very proud to announce the publication of the first edition of our school magazine - The Saint. This has been produced and edited by three very dedicated and talented members of year 5.
  • Wednesday 3 May 2023 Outdoor Angles Have you ever noticed the vast array of angles that are in our everyday environment. Today, we made special angle classifiers and investigated the types of angles we could see in our playground.
  • Sunday 30 April 2023 Gestation This week we began our new science topic on human growth. We began by thinking about how mammals reproduced and learned what is meant by the gestation period.
  • Sunday 30 April 2023 Amulets Have you ever thought about the meaning behind the clothes and or Jewellery you wear. the Ancient Mayans wore jewellery that had great significance.
  • Saturday 1 April 2023 Seasonal Cooking Over the last few weeks, we have been planning a range of seasonal recipes using more seasonal ingredients.
  • Sunday 26 March 2023 The Journey to the Cross As Easter approaches, we have been learning about the Stations of the Cross during R.E.
  • Saturday 18 March 2023 Science week This week, year 5 carried out a wide range of interesting scientific activities.
  • Saturday 11 March 2023 Investigating Jewellery Design This week, we began our investigation into the world of Ancient Mayan Jewellery. We carried out research into how it was made and why it was so important to the Mayan people.
  • Friday 3 March 2023 The World of Non-fiction This year, our World Book Day event centred around non-fiction texts. Year 5 brought in a wonderful array of books, including texts about ballet, The Ancient Egyptians, cricket stars and pet dogs. Their imaginative costumes added great excitement to our day. Back in class we described our books to our friends and produced posters designed to encourage to delve into them.
  • Tuesday 28 February 2023 The life cycle of a flowering plant
  • Monday 27 February 2023 We're going on a dragon hunt This term we are reading the text - Dragonology.
  • Monday 27 February 2023 What happened when the Vikings invaded Lindisfarne? Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to be part of the Viking invasion of Lindisfarne
  • Sunday 22 January 2023 Materials Workshop On Friday morning, we were lucky enough to have a workshop led by SETPOINT. This completed our science topic on materials.
  • Sunday 15 January 2023 Thermal Insulation When we began our journey into thermal insulation, the temperature had not risen above 0 degrees C in a week. We really needed to keep warm.
  • Saturday 3 December 2022 The Art of Being a Mayan This term, our artwork has been centred around the Mayan way of life. We began by creating fabric squares. We used our printing skills to present our views about the way Mayans lived. Some of us created an abstract piece of work portraying farming life, while others created work showing the importance Mayans place on astronomy. We now plan to enhance them using our embroidery skills.
  • Friday 18 November 2022 Family Learning Week Year 5 have had a very exciting family learning week. We have carried out a range of activities where we have had to apply our scientific and design knowledge to solve problems. On Tuesday, we designed tiny breath powered rockets. We worked hard to add features that allowed them to travel the greatest distance possible. Wednesday saw us develop tin foil boats using our knowledge of upthrust and gravity. Finally on Thursday we solved a mystery using the separation technique of chromatography. During each session we came to recognise how vital it was to work as a team and listen to each other carefully.
  • Sunday 13 November 2022 Into The Weddell Sea Shackleton's expedition was full of danger and difficulty. At one point, the Endurance had to push its way through packed ice.
  • Saturday 5 November 2022 How big is our solar system?
  • Saturday 5 November 2022 Holy or Loving? During the autumn term, we have been thinking about the holy and loving nature of God.
  • Saturday 15 October 2022 Shackleton and his crew The crew that Earnest Shackleton put together for his Endurance expedition to the Antarctic where an interesting bunch.
  • Thursday 29 September 2022 Adventures into the world of Lego WeDo This week we have begun to investigate how programme and control devises that work away from the computer itself.
  • Monday 26 September 2022 Rounding Numbers This week's maths has been all about developing the skill of rounding to the nearest multiple of 10, 100 or 1000. This is a very important skill as it means we can estimate the answers to calculations.
  • Monday 19 September 2022 The Queen in Colour and Line This week, both our English and art work have been reflective of Her Majesty The Queen.
  • Sunday 11 September 2022 What does it mean to be well educated?
  • Tuesday 7 June 2022 Hurray for Hudnall The sun shone for us today at Hudnall and we had a wonderful time.
  • Tuesday 7 June 2022 A joyful jubilee Year 5 had a wonderful day celebrating the Jubilee. We began our day with maths fluency around the number 70 and problems involving finding the fractions of The Queen's life she has spent on different things.
  • Friday 27 May 2022 Fair Trade
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