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  • Friday 22 October 2021 Year 5 Are Shipwrecked! On Monday, year 5 developed a wide range of survival skills.
  • Friday 22 October 2021 Space Exploration Have you ever wondered exactly how how large the different planets are and how far apart they are?
  • Saturday 16 October 2021 Getting to Know the Crew This week, our writing has been based around Ernest Shackleton's 1914 expedition to cross the Antarctic. We were each assigned a crew member and used the internet to research their lives. Wow! what interesting people they were.
  • Sunday 3 October 2021 Sunny Days As we come into autumn and our days begin to get shorter, year 5 have been thinking about why we get day and night.
  • Wednesday 14 July 2021 We made it to Hudnall! Way back, just before the very first lockdown, the then year 4 were just days away from their residential visit to Hudnall Park. 
  • Sunday 11 July 2021 Keeping in Time One of the things I personally missed over the past few month was hearing my children sing and perform music as a class.
  • Sunday 11 July 2021 Clockwork Our new English text - Clockwork by Philip Pullman - is full of excitement and mystery.
  • Saturday 19 June 2021 31 Pairs of Socks and Counting It seemed to be a case of 30 children and counting when Year 5 socks were put out to dry on the radiator.  They did so well at swimming today and might as well have swum back to school through the rain! We thought we would put the heating on to dry them out and had a request from their sodden feet to dry their socks too!  We all need the rain but preferably not on a Friday.  Well done Year 5!
  • Saturday 19 June 2021 Our Philosophical Debate As we reach the end of each R.E. topic, we like to spend time expressing out own view around it.
  • Friday 28 May 2021 Who deserves the largest share of the profit? In geography, we are learning about trade and how people earn money through trading. 
  • Sunday 23 May 2021 Angles and Outdoor Learning During outdoor learning week, we have been looking at the types of angles we can find in our environment.
  • Sunday 16 May 2021 Christain Aid Week This week has been Christian Aid Week and it has been very different to the ones we are used to.
  • Sunday 9 May 2021 Working like a scientist Patsy Sherman was a scientist who was famous for developing the Stain Repellent - Scotchgard.
  • Friday 30 April 2021 Dragon Reproduction As part of our quest to become dragonologists, we have been studying dragon reproduction. 
  • Friday 23 April 2021 We're Going On a Dragon Hunt! This term we are becoming dragonologists. Using the text- Dragonology as our guide, we have been on a dragon hunt. Even though we didn't actually see a dragon, we found many clues. 
  • Tuesday 30 March 2021 The Stations of the Cross Last week, year 5 worked very hard to produce an outdoor presentation of the stations of the cross. Each group used Bible references to create their own scripts. We though carefully about the significance of each of the events and posed  questions for our audience to answer. 
  • Tuesday 30 March 2021 The Great Big Art Exhibition Year 5's contribution to The Great Big Art exhibition was based around the work of Bertha Morisot and her etching - The Drawing Lesson. 
  • Friday 11 December 2020 A Busy Time in Year 5 This is always a very busy time of year and 2020 is no exception.
  • Tuesday 3 November 2020 Mayan Mysteries During our history lessons we have been using artefacts to find out about Mayan life. We have each selected an artefact and synthesised what we thought it was used for. We had to give strong reasons for our views. 
  • Thursday 1 October 2020 Sundials In year 5, we have been learning about how we get day and night. We made sundials to develop our learning. 
  • Friday 10 July 2020 Pandora Discovered This week our wonderful Year 5 children have been exploring the new planet Pandora. Watch the clip about the planet here:
  • Friday 3 July 2020 Our Beautiful Wildlife Area Today the Year 5A group went down to the pond area to see the outcome of our hard work earlier in the year. We were delighted with the results. There is a lovely range of plants growing in the area that are attracting all different types of species and the wild flowers look really stunning. We were quite surprised at the success of our seed sowing! Quite a few groups have already used the area for pond dipping and other habitat exploration. We are luck to have such a beautiful area to work in.
  • Tuesday 30 June 2020 Pop-Up Books
  • Wednesday 24 June 2020 Upcycling Day
  • Monday 15 June 2020 International Picnic Day 2020
  • Monday 8 June 2020 Happy World Oceans Day 2020
  • Monday 1 June 2020 A haven for the bees
  • Monday 11 May 2020 National Numeracy Day
  • Monday 4 May 2020 VE Day
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