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  • Monday 17 January 2022 Pre Christmas Performance In the very last hour of the very last day of term, Ms Fenn was treated to a mini performance from the Year 3 clarinetists led by Mr Brunton. Ms Fenn was very impressed and Mr Brunton is very pleased with the effort Year 3 are making.
  • Tuesday 23 November 2021 Children in Need Year 3 had lots of fun raising money and taking part in the activities for Children in Need week.
  • Wednesday 20 October 2021 Adventure Squad Year 3 had a fun time using their teamwork skills, creative thinking and cooperation to solve a variety of problems. It was lovely to see the children pulling together to overcome challenges. Well done Year 3.
  • Thursday 14 October 2021 The Spider and the Fly In Literacy Year 3 have been studying The Spider and the Fly, a poem by Mary Howitt, published in 1829. The children did very well getting to grips with the challenging language and practised reciting the poem with great expression. The highlight for Mrs Freeborn was seeing Year 3 perform 'mini plays' of their version of the cautionary tale with some well crafted paper props. If you don't know the poem, Year 3 will be happy to quote a line or two.
  • Monday 4 October 2021 Trip to Amersham Field Studies Centre Year 3 had a wonderful day at the Amersham Field Studies Centre last Wednesday. They found out about different kinds of rocks and what they can be used for, explored a variety of soils and discovered the fascinating world of fossils. Year 3 really made the most of the day and undertook a variety of experiments to get their science skills rock solid! Well done Year 3!
  • Friday 23 July 2021 We made it to the end of term! Dear all Year 3 children and your parents,
  • Friday 25 June 2021 Working with sunlight Year 3 have been learning in English about a famous botanist and scientist named Anna Atkins, who was was born in 1799. She was particularly well known for her work  producing images of seaweeds and flowers using chemicals and sunlight to produce cyanotypes. 
  • Friday 28 May 2021 Crazy hair day in Year 3 Year 3 really pulled out all the stops today, coming to school with some of the most creative crazy hairstyles ever seen!
  • Friday 21 May 2021 Building in the Stone Age In History this term Year 3 have been learning about life for early Britons. As part of that work, we decided it would be interesting to try to build mini versions of the type of dwelling a Stone Age person might have lived in during the summer.
  • Thursday 20 May 2021 It is all about the bones Year 3 have been learning all about animals and humans, with a focus this week on the human skeleton. Today we go into teams to try to build an accurate skeleton, to then name and identify the main bones. Once we realised the bones had to join each other, we managed some very accurate skeletons, with most of the bones in the right place.
  • Friday 7 May 2021 Ultimate frisbee in Year 3 At the beginning of term, Year 3 began to learn about Ultimate Frisbee. We found it quite hard to master at first - throws never went where we expected, we tried to avoid frisbees coming our way and as for intercepting - what was that?
  • Friday 26 March 2021 The Great Big Art Exhibition
  • Friday 13 November 2020 Designing earthquake-proof buildings Year 3 have been learning all about earthquakes - why they happen, where they can happen, the damage they can cause and what some countries have done to counter the effect of a serious earthquake.
  • Friday 2 October 2020 Shooing the chickens
  • Friday 26 June 2020 Year 3 Sweet Peas
  • Friday 5 June 2020 Flower Pressing
  • Thursday 21 May 2020 It's bee time...
  • Friday 15 May 2020 New skills
  • Thursday 7 May 2020 Art Outside
  • Friday 24 April 2020 Spring time
  • Wednesday 1 April 2020 Drawings of hope for the NHS
  • Thursday 26 March 2020 Challenge yourself!
  • Wednesday 18 March 2020 Class Worship
  • Friday 6 March 2020 Which rock is the hardest?
  • Friday 14 February 2020 The Bodhi Tree
  • Friday 7 February 2020 What kind of world did Jesus want?
  • Friday 31 January 2020 A trip to the British Museum
  • Friday 31 January 2020 We're going on a rock survey...
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