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  • Friday 19 November 2021 Dazzle us for Children in Need This week, we have enjoyed taking part in lots of activities to raise money for Children in Need. We particularly enjoyed crazy hair day, the bubble blowing competition and wearing our sparkly, bright clothes for the non-uniform theme 'Dazzle us'.
  • Thursday 18 November 2021 Matchbox Nativity Today as part of our RE learning about Christmas, the children learnt about how Christianity is celebrated around the world. We learnt about a miniature matchbox sized nativity which can be bought in South America and is used to remember the Christmas story. We spoke about how Christians around the world may bring the Christmas story into their home in different ways.
  • Friday 5 November 2021 Salt dough Houses
  • Friday 22 October 2021 Team building! Year 2 enjoyed some super team building activities on Tuesday afternoon. We completed a crane task where we had to manoeuvre wires as a group to control a crane to build a tower. We also had a relay race where we had to fit pieces of tunnel together to pass a ball down the playground, as well as trying land skis in pairs. Finally, we played a stepping stones game where the floor was lava and we had to work out how to get our whole team to the other side. We showed lots of teamwork skills, such as: including everyone, listening to everyone's ideas, taking turns and sharing. Miss Watson and the instructor were very impressed with our patience and determination. Well done Year 2.
  • Friday 8 October 2021 Is it opaque? Our Science Enquiry In Science this week, Miss Watson told us about a problem she's been having where the street light outside her house has been waking her up at night. Miss Watson asked the children what to do and they suggested making some curtains/ blinds which were completely opaque. The children then set up their own investigations to work out which material would work best. The children showed great teamwork and even created their own scoring systems. By the end of the lesson all children had recorded their results and were able to rank the materials from most opaque to most transparent. Looks like I'm off to buy a blind made of cardboard! Great enquiry skills Year 2.
  • Friday 11 June 2021 Our Wheels and Axles project Year 2 worked so hard to create their own toy car as part of our wheels and axles project. The children were given a design brief and had to design, make and evaluate a toy car which could be enjoyed by a child. First the children investigated which axle join would work best for their design. The children then measured their own axles, sawed the dowels and attached axles, wheels and handles independently. Each and every car was a triumph, with an eye-catching design and turning wheels! 
  • Monday 24 May 2021 Judaism visit from Mrs Kinchin-Smith Today, as part of our Judaism RE topic, we had a very interesting and informative visit from Mrs Kinchin-Smith. We learnt all about what it is like to be Jewish and got to ask Mrs Kinchin-Smith lots of questions. We enjoyed seeing pictures of Mrs Kinchin-Smith's synagogue and seeing her special items, such as the tallit prayer shawl and her prayer book written in Hebrew. Thank you very much Mrs Kinchin-Smith!
  • Friday 21 May 2021 Outdoor Learning Week As part of Outdoor Learning Week, Year 2 have been enjoying lots of opportunities to get outside. We have taken part in an outdoor spelling scavenger hunt, as well as lots of outdoor measurement lessons in maths. 
  • Thursday 13 May 2021 Christian Aid Week 2021 This week is Christian Aid Week and the focus is on how the climate crisis is damaging God's world. As part of this, Ms Fenn set up a wonderful prayer space in the Silver Birches which helped us to reflect on this important topic. There were bubbles for us to 'blow away our worries for the world' and a quiet forest area for prayer or reflection. We also showed our value of thankfulness by writing our notes of thanks to the world and sticking these on a world map. There was also an area for us to write prayers and pledges on recycled paper and join these together in a paper chain, which we have now displayed in our class spiritual area.  We were very calm and sensible which made Miss Watson very proud of us. 
  • Friday 7 May 2021 Our Trip to Southwold On Wednesday, Year 2 joined Year 1 on a wonderful trip to Southwold beach. We were blessed with lovely weather for the majority of the day and enjoyed making sandcastles, collecting special stones/ shells ad paddling in the waves. We also loved walking on the pier and seeing the Wacky Wall of Mirrors which made our reflections into funny shapes. We were treated to an ice cream which we enjoyed together. Lots of members of the public told our teachers how well-behaved we were and our teachers were so impressed. We played so nicely, showed our school values and made the most of this special time together.
  • Tuesday 4 May 2021 The Day We Flew to Ohio As part of our Transport topic, Year 2 took a flight to Ohio on Friday. The children came in dressed for a holiday with their luggage which was weighed and put through the security scanner by the flight attendants (Miss Watson and Miss Wall). All of the children then made their own passports and were given their St Andrew's Air boarding passes. We then had our boarding passes stamped at the gate and went to board the plane. Once safely boarded, the cabin crew gave the safety talk and we were ready for take off! 
  • Monday 19 April 2021 Hinduism RE week Year 2 really enjoyed learning about Hinduism for our RE week. We started the learning off by bringing in photos of our family to create a world map as we discussed that Hindus see all living things as part of a world family. We spoke about how this links to treating everyone with respect and kindness as you would your own family. We learnt about the celebration of Janmashtami and created peacock cards to celebrate Krishna's birthday. We even learnt about the festival of Raksha Bandhan and designed and made our own rakhi bracelets. We enjoyed discussing who we would give these to as a sign of love and protection.
  • Wednesday 24 March 2021 The Great Big Art Exhibition
  • Monday 15 March 2021 STEM Week in Year 2 Year 2 really enjoyed being scientists during our STEM week last week. We were very busy and took part in a mini beast hunt, a tree detectives investigation and a create an insect competition. We also investigated the best material to make teabags and which washing liquid removes the most mud! We showed lots of attributes of scientists by communicating and working collaboratively. Miss Watson was especially impressed at how observant and resilient we were during our investigations.
  • Monday 30 November 2020 Geography in Action! As part of our Geography learning, we were given photos taken at different locations around our school grounds and we had to find where the photographer was standing. We had to use locational knowledge of our school 'landmarks', such as the stage, the castle, the field and the pond to help us work out where the photo was taken. We spoke a lot about perspectives and used our language of left, right, behind and next to. Super learning, Year 2!
  • Tuesday 3 November 2020 Back in Time to 1666! Before half term, year 2 had a very exciting trip back to 1666 to end our Great Fire of London learning. We came in dressed as people from the Stuart era and even got to try some jobs that people did. We started by making dried flower bags which were believed to keep people healthy by keeping away the bad air. We liked the smell of the rose petals and lavender but found the spices and cloves a bit strong! Next, we wrote with real quills dipped in ink and the grown-ups couldn't believe how neat our hand-writing was! After that, we made clay candle holders and some of us got to use a wax stamp to seal a letter. The whole class also did some drama, read some Great Fire of London stories and made some art. What a busy day!
  • Wednesday 30 September 2020 Great Fire of London Historians As part of our project about The Great Fire of London, we have been learning about artefacts and the important role they play in piecing history together. We started off the learning by bringing in an object from home that we would save from a fire and using our presenting skills to talk about this to the class. We found out that most of our objects were special for similar reasons- they were sentimental, our favourite toy or made us feel safe. You can see pictures of some of our precious things below:
  • Thursday 16 July 2020 So lucky to have a pond... We are so lucky in our school to have the wild-life area with the pond in it. 
  • Wednesday 17 June 2020 Blue Peter's 6 Badges of Summer
  • Friday 12 June 2020 Wild Weather
  • Thursday 4 June 2020 The Final Broad Bean Update
  • Tuesday 2 June 2020 Broad Bean check in
  • Tuesday 2 June 2020 Broad Bean Update
  • Sunday 31 May 2020 Planting Broad Beans
  • Wednesday 20 May 2020 Den Building
  • Wednesday 13 May 2020 Leaf Spotters!
  • Wednesday 6 May 2020 VE Day Celebrations
  • Wednesday 29 April 2020 Bring the Cinema to you!
  • Wednesday 22 April 2020 Bird Watchers!
  • Thursday 2 April 2020 Easter Gardens
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