St Andrew's C of E (VA) Primary


Improving our school environment for wildlife

In Year 5 we have been working hard to improve the biodiversity around the school.

We have been searching around the school grounds for the ideal locations for blue tit and robin nest boxes.  We discovered that the both like different habitats.  Robins prefer low bushes while blue tits like to be high up in trees.  We also discovered that that boxes need to be facing north east so that they do not get too hot when it is sunny.  

We used our mapping and compass skills to find locations for some new bird boxes.  We marked these on a map of the school grounds and then took Mr Parker to show him where to put them.  



We have also created some grand plans for our pond area.  We have planted a wild flower meadow and planned a wildlife hedge for the area.  This involved us researching what would need to be in the hedge to attract native wildlife. This week we had Mr Richardson visit us from Frank Coopers to help us plant the hedge that we had chosen.  We had lots of fun learning how to plant the hedge correctly.   Thank you for all our help and for teaching us about our wildlife hedge Mr Richardson.