St Andrew's C of E (VA) Primary


Class Representatives

In order to help clarify the role we have put together some instructions to help you.

What does it involve?

The Class Representative is foremost a link between the class teacher and the parents of pupils in that class.

They are also there to support communication between SASA and parents.

Class teachers may ask them to contact parents to support the class by following up reminders from SASA or school newsletters and asking for:

  • donations to Cake Sales, and organising the stall
  • contributions of items for SASA events
  • contributions towards materials for class activities

It is not the role or responsibility of the Class Representative to represent other parents, report parents' views expressed on the playground, or organise help for trips.

The Class Representatives' work is very much appreciated by all teaching staff at St Andrew’s.

Class Representatives 2016/17: 

Nursery - AM Gail Litterick      PM Amy Cameron

Reception - Sam Estall

Year 1 - Anna Pryor and Lucy Moorhead

Year 2 - Tamsin Cobbett and Gemma Malone

Year 3  - Sandra Cruickshank

Year 4 - Anne Hammond and Jo Grainger

Year 5 -  Zoe Davis

Year 6 - Belinda Robertson and Deena Jenkins